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Herman Van Ingelgem: selected works

Herman Van Ingelgem makes installations, videos, objects and drawings. He even talks about prostheses: extensions of his thoughts, extensions to his body. With these artefacts he approaches the theme of architecture and examines how specific places influence our conditions. He evokes our private living environments with half-completed rooms in homes, replicas of furniture and everyday items. He also plays with public space using home-made buildings: a football stadium, prefabricated homes, hotel, swimming pool, a stand at a car show. Spatial structures that are familiar to us are not identical copies but created in different proportions or in different materials. They work thus as an irritation or an obstacle and they mark the numerous tensions between concept, expectation and reality.


A few things - 07/09/08 --> 19/10/08

a few things


Herman Van Ingelgem

Sunset, 100 x 160 cm, 2008, tape on canvas & discoglobe


Herman Van Ingelgem - Resort

Resort, 83 x 40 x 46 cm, 2008, handkerchief, wood and iron


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After the hunt 2008

HVI After the huntHVI After the huntmore


Locations 2008

Transit: Herman Van Ingelgem LocationsTransit: Van Ingelgem Locations

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Descripted spaces 2007







Herman Van Ingelgem

'Home', Kunst & Zwalm, Zwalm, 2007




Herman Van IngelgemHerman Van Ingelgem

The visitor - in "M for M", SMAK, Gent 2007



Resort - De Fabriek, Eindhoven, 2007



Herman Van Ingelgem

Sunset - Vitrineprojekt, De Garage, Mechelen 2006


HVI 90 minutes monument

90 Minutes Monument - CC Mechelen, 2004



Herman Van Ingelgem

The Visitor - Heilige Geest, Lier, 2006


Herman Van Ingelgem

Home Sweet Home - CCNOA, Brussels, 2006


HVI NFP Kortrijk


HVI NFP Kortrijk

New Flemish Painting - Buda, Kortrijk, 2006



Herman Van Ingelgem

ArtBrussels, One Man Show, 2005 @ Transit Gallery


Herman Van Ingelgem

Santiago di Chile, 2004


Herman Van Ingelgem

Herman Van Ingelgem

Herman Van Ingelgem

Herman Van Ingelgem

HISK, Antwerpen, 1999 - 2000



Tropical - Speelhoven, Aarschot, 2003